You go girl!

Another trip to Tucson, today my sister did her part in helping future breast cancer patients! My sister is participating in a trial research which required another biopsy.

The research is being conducted at Purdue University, they are using a form of light therapy that will detect how a specific tumor will respond to chemo drugs, this research will not change her treatment, but it may change the treatment of other women 5 years from now.

I really have to share something with you, through this journey my sister is truly facing her fears, I know when this all started she questioned whether or not she could fight this cancer. But with every doctor’s visit, biopsy, CT, US, MRI she has faced the procedure and conquered the fear!

The love, support, and prayers of family and friends and even complete strangers has been truly amazing, and we are eternally grateful.

Please continue with your prayers, she is pretty sore tonight, between the port and biopsy finding a comfortable position hasn’t been easy.

I am in total awe of my sister, she continues to be positive even in pain, and more importantly she continues to smile.

To learn more about the research go to


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  1. Gloria Valenzuela
    Gloria Valenzuela says:

    I am very interested in your blog Susie and your sister’s journey that is also yours as well. I have your sister and all your family in my prayers. My family and I are with you since we share your plight for God’s healing. Cancer runs in our family and we are always there for family or friends that are battling this menacing disease. Having faith in God and a good support system helps. Attitude and yes even laughter helps too. Love you my friend and am so sorry that your sister is going through this. She is a survivor and a warrior.

  2. Vickie Bruce
    Vickie Bruce says:

    Hello Susie and Christina, wanted to share with you that I will keep you in my prayers.
    I’m glad to hear that you will be sharing this journey and yes it will indeed bless many!
    Love you both 💕


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