Sometimes God just know what’s best!

This past weekend was absolutely beautiful, the weather is getting warmer, and summer will soon be here!   Spent Saturday with my sister and family grilling and lounging in the pool.  She was feeling energetic enough to make her macaroni salad.

As you know my sister has been going back and forth about this last course of chemo, should she go every week for 12 weeks or every other week for 4 treatments? On one hand every week for 12 weeks means smaller doses and no Neulasta, but it’s 12 weeks. Or 4 treatments and she is done, but then she gets the Neulasta injection. She has prayed about which direction to take and finally decided with some hesitation that she would rather have 4 treatments and be done.

On Friday my sister received a call from her oncologist,  he had been reviewing her case and he wants to add Carboplatin in addition to the Taxol. He said the Carboplatin has proven to have better outcomes, but because it is more effective it needs to be given in smaller doses, so he wants her to come weekly for 12 weeks. My sister said she trusts her oncologist and feels like God answered her prayers in another way.

Side effects for the new drug are pretty much the same as all the others, our prayer is that since she is getting a smaller dose every week she will have energy and not be wiped out.

Thank you in advance to Nancy Ramirez, Ofelia Bowers, Joanna Ramirez and Rebecca Ramirez for providing meals this week, love you all.

Please pray for healing, rest and energy!!



A season of change

Watching your baby sister go through chemo is painful, you feel helpless, and just hope you are doing everything you can to be supportive.  Last week was a good week my sister had some energy and was able to enjoy spending time with her family.

Today was her 4th treatment of  Round one!  In two weeks she will start the last of her chemo treatment, she will try going every two weeks for a cycle of 4.  She is a fighter!

It is truly amazing what chemo does to your body, don’t get me wrong I am so grateful for the advances in medicine and all the research that is done to fight and conquer cancer, it just hurts to see  your sister have to go undergo the treatment.

My sister continues to remain positive and find the silver lining.  I want to equate cancer to all things negative, and my sister reminds me that everything happens for a reason and God knows all things, so we have decided to look at this time as a “Season of change”.

Many thanks to Toni Lopez and Arlene Almarez for providing meals this week, the meals have truly been a blessing to my sister and her family!

So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand

Isaiah 41:10

Rough week

This past week was a rough one for my sister, cutting the dose of steroids resolved the heightened senses, however it also intensified the fatigue, nausea and pain.

Keep my sister in your prayers, we ask that you pray for rest, energy and peace of mind.  She is having to make difficult decisions, and when your limbs feel like heavy logs and your brain is in a constant fog those decisions are hard to make.

Thank you  family and friends that provided meals last week, they were much appreciated and enjoyed!

Harley is making sure my sister is not disturbed, good girl Harley!