Halfway mark

Down to the last 6 weeks!  Last week after my sisters injection of Nupogen she had a reaction, the left side of her body went numb, tongue felt thick and she developed swelling to her face., she received injection to right arm.  On Friday she told the nurse and her oncologist and they did not think that the symptoms were because of the Nupogen.  Just to be sure after her injection we waited for half hour, we got down to the lobby and she suddenly felt very sick, left side of body (side of injection) was going numb from her face and down her legs, she said her left arm felt tight, she had trouble swallowing and again felt her tongue was thick.  I quickly put her in a wheelchair and back up to the clinic we went, she was given a dose of steroids and IV Benadryl and after an hour felt somewhat better.

I talked to her oncologist and he said he was going to have to cut back on her chemo drugs so that her WBC would not be affected, he said it was against his better judgement but he truly believes that she is in remission, and he does not want to take any more chances of a reaction to the Nupogen.

Her oncologist decided to cut back on her chemo by 25%, same treatment schedule.


Another week down

My sister has completed week 5! WBC really low 2.5 so it’s back to Tucson on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday for  neupogen injections.

Last week at her visit with the surgeon he did an ultrasound and found no tumor!!!  So the chemo has definitely done it’s job, we are also reminded that cancer cells  are so microscopic they are not always visible even with a microscope.

But GOD is in control!! And we will continue to praise him and give him the honor and glory!

Her surgery is scheduled for Aug 4th, they will biopsy the tissue and if all negative she may not have to go through radiation, so we are praying for clean tissue.

Thank you Toni for being my sister’s chauffeur!

Happy Mother’s Day

To all of the mom’s out there I hope you had a Blessed day!  Today my sister and I started the day pretty early, we had breakfast at the Bisbee Breakfast Club, and managed to get a few pictures.

Tomorrow my sister has an appointment with her surgeon to discuss her surgery, and on Tuesday round 9 of chemo, praying for some high blood counts!

Today was bittersweet, I miss my mom so much and feeling very jealous of all the FB posts and pictures, but I have my sister and feel very BLESSED!










3 down and 9 to go!

We are  counting down now!  Today my sister completed her 3rd round leaving her 9 to go, her blood counts were lower today, she was given the chemo but will have to go back to Tucson on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday this week to get injections to boost her WBC’s.  I must confess I didn’t even think to ask what her blood count was, or even what medication they will be giving her, I do know it wont be Neulasta and my best guess it will be Nupogen.

I asked if we could give her the injections, but because of insurance issues she has to go to her oncologist office for the medication.

With all that she has been through she has taken every piece of news with some degree of emotional surge,  she then processes the information and we move forward.

A special thanks to Kristie Huber, Dawn Imholte and Josh Sunday for taking her to Tucson this week for the injections, and Joanna Ramirez for the yummy beef stew, and Justin Mitchell who has been bringing over crock pot meals for the past few weeks.

As always continued prayers are much appreciated!

New chemo update

Two cycles of cytoxan/carboplatin and ten more to go!  The weekly trips are taxing, the side effects are not as bad, she is still very fatigued, and some nausea once the steroids wear off, which is usually day 2 after chemo.  But no neulasta!

This week her blood count was borderline and they went ahead and delivered the chemo, her oncologist is not worried, as he explained it, because she had been receiving the neulasta which was boosting the production of white blood cells (WBC), her body took a break from having to produce any, now that she is not receiving the neulasta her body just needs a little time to get back to work.  So we are praying for higher counts next week.

We can’t say thank you enough to everyone for their love and support, from coming over to help out with little things like washing dishes, hanging laundry, bringing meals (Andrea Ruff and Joanna Ramirez) and for those of you who have helped with trips to Tucson and sitting by her side while she receives chemo.

My sister asks for continued prayers, she is so blessed to have so much support from family, friends, and complete strangers.