The Beach!

What an awesome vacation we have been having!  The condo sits right on the beach, we just open the front door and back door and the ocean breeze just fills the house.  we can hear the waves come crashing in all day long.  My sister claimed her spot on the couch and from there she can see where we set up on the beach and listen to the waves.

It has been 2 weeks with no chemo and even though she has periods of being tired she has kept up on this vacation.  Tomorrow we spend the day and night in the city (no sand) lol.

Imperial Beach was a new adventure for all of us, kind of a hipster/Bisbee vibe, with lots of local shops and outside eateries, no chain restaurants, nothing but skateboards and surf boards.


Quick update

First week of no chemo in 16 weeks and every day is a little bit better.  My sister still has episodes of extreme fatigue and pain, but given her blood count the fatigue is normal.

Surgery is still scheduled for August 4th, it will be performed at a Surgery Center in Tucson.  She will go to TMC first to have a dye injected so that the lymph nodes can be visualized and biopsies will be taken to make sure they are free of cancer.  The results of the biopsy will determine the need for radiation.

I have been told the next leg of my sisters journey will be more emotional, so your prayers, well wishes and words of comfort would be very appreciated, please feel free to post here or on her Facebook page.

But first the beach!!  We will take lots of pictures and post as we say farewell to the boobies.

Message from my sister

I did it! I finish 16 rounds of chemo!!!  Thank you Lord!!  The night before my last chemo I was so excited I had a hard time sleeping and I was up early.  I was like a little kid on Christmas Eve waiting for Christmas Day to come. I want to first thank the Lord for giving me the strength to get through  this journey.   I also couldn’t have done this without my husband and my sister.  After I was diagnosed they were immediately on the phone making appointments with the best doctors. They were there for me after I would get new details about my diagnosis and helped me process the whole situation.  The toughest part of this whole Journey has been going through  this without my mom by my side.  My mom always sends me special signs when I need it the most.  I know she is always with me but I miss her physically being here.  My dad and my girls have also been such an awesome support system my biggest cheerleaders .  On my worse days my dad would not leave my side.  We watched a lot of HGTV together and he never once complained.  I also want to thank everyone that has prayed for me and my family, all the love and support , meals, cards, the countless trips to Tucson, gift cards, texts, essential oils, flowers, water, care packages and calls.  I love you all so much, may the Lord bless each and everyone of you.  Please continue to pray for me, I still have a long way to go.  With the Lord by my side all things are possible!!  As my mom used to say, “All is Well.”  I can’t imagine taking this journey without my family and friends.  Thank you for holding me up during these difficult times.



















Hip Hip Hooray!

I truly meant to post all of yesterday’s activities last night, however yesterday was such an emotional day for us that I just came home and collapsed.  I honestly don’t know if me or my sister was more excited about her last chemo.


I know she was secretly hoping that her WBC would be too low for chemo, but it was 2.9 and like it or not she had to have her last chemo.


Well, if you have to endure your last chemo, you may as well enjoy a warm Krispy Kreme donut.

It was awesome to see all the support in the waiting room, it was a sea of PINK!!  I think we overwhelmed the staff, good thing we brought enough warm Krispy Kreme donuts to share with staff and patients.


On to a celebratory lunch!


And of course a trip to Frost

The roughest part of this journey is behind her!  Next will be surgery on 8/4/17, but first a week at the beach!

Message from Sam

I would like to preface this letter to my wife with the fact that I am a master at expressing my feelings. I once even cried while watching the Notebook. If anyone reading this blog has excessive issues with empathy, please stop reading now, or risk having thy heart torn into a million tiny pieces.

To my lovely Christina, 

   Its seems to me that I may happen to be the luckiest schmuck alive. It all started on Dec 09, 1989. Our first date, and the night of our first kiss. I was a clueless and cocky young rooster with very little sense. I was completely out of my league. Yet somehow despite my inadequacies, I was able to arouse your interest.  I didn’t know much, but I knew that this lovely young lady in front of me was everything a man/boy could every want. I could tell by your gentle nature and purity, you were something special.

  We stayed up all night talking, laughing and kissing (chaperoned of course, by your friend Lorraine). That night I made one of the wisest decisions I’ve ever made. I promised you that I would marry you some day, and by the grace of God, and unfortunately for you, this vow came true.

   I never could have imagined the joy and happiness that awaited me with that simple decision. I didn’t realize how selfless and loving another human being could be.  God molded you in his image, and filled you with a strength that can only be found when one sacrifices themselves for another. I’ve watched you love and sacrifice yourself daily for your family, and I’m humbled by the depth of your love. 

  Despite God’s countless blessings in our lives, the last two years have been some of the hardest we’ve had to endure. Once again, I witnessed a strength that wasn’t humanly possible. You are an amazing wife, mother, daughter, and sister. It’s a privilege and an honor to be called your husband. With gods help, faith, and the countless prayers by our family and friends, we will prevail.

                                                    I love you, 






My Beautiful Sister!

Hoping everyone had a wonderful and blessed 4th of July! we spent it with family and friends, food, swimming, games and just enjoying everyone’s company.

Because of the 4th of July holiday my sister got an extra day off!  Except that her WBC was 2.2, pretty low so the carboplatin was lowered.   Her oncologist is not sure if her WBC will be high enough for chemo next week.  She is not sure whether to be excited that today was possibly her last chemo or be worried that she is not finishing her treatment.  The plan is still to go next week and see what her WBC is.  If it’s high enough she will receive her final chemo and get to ring those BELLS!!!!!  If it’s too low, no chemo and she will still ring those BELLS!!!!!  Don’t worry we will will video that event.

Below is a picture of my sister with Dr. Schwartz her oncologist, he won’t be there next week so he got his picture taken today.  My sister has an appointment with her surgeon tomorrow, and since we don’t know whether or not chemo is a go for next week we are wondering if that will change the surgery date.  Currently she is scheduled to have surgery on 8/4, which is 3 weeks after her last scheduled chemo.

So we will just pray for God’s will next week!

Message from Sara

Mom I know these last six months have been pretty tough. But you’ve been such a inspiration to others including me! You’ve been so strong though this journey that every little bump in the road from now on will be no problem! I truly admire you because you’re the most loving and caring person I know! I’ve seen you grow so much and you are my role model! Cancer has nothing on my mama!