Just because I can

It’s been a long road to get to this day, but here we are day of surgery.  My sister came up yesterday, she had radioactive fluid injected so the lymph nodes could be visualized, during surgery today they will biopsy the lymph nodes to make sure they are cancer free.  I f you have never researched the lymphatic system I can encourage you do so.

Surgery is scheduled for 8:00 and should take about 3 hours, so please say a little prayer., I will update you all later today.

Yesterday I stopped by to see my sister before they traveled to Tucson and she was telling me when she got the call that surgery was a go she started saying goodby to each breast, and my niece said to her “ you should flash your boobs along the highway” we had a good laugh!

A few hours later she sends me a text with a caption “just because I can” so I expected to see a picture of her boobies flapping in the wind, instead she send me this picture lol.  Yes we are truly wild women!

Actually this does remind me of a story, about 15 years ago we were sitting outside with my mom, grandmother and Sam’s mom, I don’t remember the actual conversation except that we were talking about breasts and all of a sudden each one of those women pulled out their boobs!  I will forever have a visual of that day.

I just want to say THANK YOU, we are so blessed to have all of you in our lives.  From words of encouragement and prayers, meals, taking turns driving my sister to her chemo appointments,

Sam and I work in the same clinic and we have both taken a great deal of time off sometimes on the same day to be with my sister and our co-workers have been nothing but encouraging and accommodating, I am so blessed to work with a great group of people who acknowledge that family always comes first.

It’s 0820 and my sister just went back into surgery, gave her a kiss and copped one last feel…….will keep you updated.

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