It was worth it

After receiving the great news from her surgeon my sister said as she was crying “the chemo was worth it” .

And even though she is still struggling with fatigue and would love to get back to a place where she had some energy the past 6 months were worth the AWESOME news.

She had the drains removed on Monday, however that night she was in a great deal of pain and ran a fever, she went back to surgeon on Tuesday and he removed a pocket of fluid that had accumulated, and she also had an infection from the drains, and is now on antibiotics.  Last night was much better.

I want to thank all my family and friends for providing meals for the family this past 2 weeks, you have no idea how much this has helped!

Because my sister is positive for BRCA2 mutations she needs to be proactive with her preventative screenings for skin, colon, ovarian/fallopian and pancreatic cancer, but don’t worry we will make sure she gets screened as often as they will allow.

Next leg of this journey is appointment with gynecologist on 8/29 to schedule a hysterectomy,  this needs to be done this year since her deductible for the year was taken care of by a grant through the American Cancer Foundation.

But for now it’s rest, HGTV, good food, slow leisurely walks outside, and naps with Harley!

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