Next surgery

Not quite 4 weeks post op from the bilateral mastectomy and we have scheduled her next surgery, my sister will have both ovaries and fallopian tubes removed on November 8th, this will give her at least 8 weeks to recover from the mastectomy.

She has been healing nicely, suture lines look good, she is still pretty sore and still not able to raise her arms over her head,  and having trouble finding a comfortable position at night.

We had a nice long talk with the surgeon Dr. Cassandra Liggins and because she has never had issues with her uterus and all her pap smears have been negative they do not recommend having it removed.  The rationale for this is the incidence of endometrial cancer is so slim and is easily diagnosed with annual exams.  The surgery will be done via  laparoscopy and again will be same day surgery.

Lord willing this will be the last surgery!  After this surgery all that is left is to heal, and this part of the journey will be over.

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