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Hip Hip Hooray!

I truly meant to post all of yesterday’s activities last night, however yesterday was such an emotional day for us that I just came home and collapsed.  I honestly don’t know if me or my sister was more excited about her last chemo. IMG_1614 I know she was secretly hoping that her WBC would be […]

Message from Sam

I would like to preface this letter to my wife with the fact that I am a master at expressing my feelings. I once even cried while watching the Notebook. If anyone reading this blog has excessive issues with empathy, please stop reading now, or risk having thy heart torn into a million tiny pieces. […]

My Beautiful Sister!

Hoping everyone had a wonderful and blessed 4th of July! we spent it with family and friends, food, swimming, games and just enjoying everyone’s company. Because of the 4th of July holiday my sister got an extra day off!  Except that her WBC was 2.2, pretty low so the carboplatin was lowered.   Her oncologist […]

Message from Sara

Mom I know these last six months have been pretty tough. But you’ve been such a inspiration to others including me! You’ve been so strong though this journey that every little bump in the road from now on will be no problem! I truly admire you because you’re the most loving and caring person I […]

Message from Maya

hey mom!  I know that things are pretty tough right now, but you’ve only got three more to go! Three! That’s practically nothing! That’s practically half a hand of fingers! You are so incredibly strong, and if you didn’t think so before YOU REALLY MUST BELIEVE THAT NOW! You are the strongest woman I know! […]

Three, two, one and she is done!

Blood count was a bit higher this week, her appointment was early which was good because the AC was out in the clinic.  Usually it feels like a freezer inside, they had to close the clinic early because it was too hot to mix the chemo, but she was able to finish. I don’t know […]

Faith over Fear

Blood count was good today!!  Four to go, now I dare her to eat all that food in front of her lol. Thank you Carol Reynolds for being her chauffeur today, we are so BLESSED to have such wonderful family and friends!


We are counting down now!  My sister’s blood count was low today so her chemo was decreased by another 10%.  But most important she can count her number of chemo treatments left on ONE HAND!!

Halfway mark

Down to the last 6 weeks!  Last week after my sisters injection of Nupogen she had a reaction, the left side of her body went numb, tongue felt thick and she developed swelling to her face., she received injection to right arm.  On Friday she told the nurse and her oncologist and they did not […]

Another week down

My sister has completed week 5! WBC really low 2.5 so it’s back to Tucson on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday for  neupogen injections. Last week at her visit with the surgeon he did an ultrasound and found no tumor!!!  So the chemo has definitely done it’s job, we are also reminded that cancer cells  are […]