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Happy Mother’s Day

To all of the mom’s out there I hope you had a Blessed day!  Today my sister and I started the day pretty early, we had breakfast at the Bisbee Breakfast Club, and managed to get a few pictures. Tomorrow my sister has an appointment with her surgeon to discuss her surgery, and on Tuesday […]

3 down and 9 to go!

We are  counting down now!  Today my sister completed her 3rd round leaving her 9 to go, her blood counts were lower today, she was given the chemo but will have to go back to Tucson on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday this week to get injections to boost her WBC’s.  I must confess I didn’t […]

New chemo update

Two cycles of cytoxan/carboplatin and ten more to go!  The weekly trips are taxing, the side effects are not as bad, she is still very fatigued, and some nausea once the steroids wear off, which is usually day 2 after chemo.  But no neulasta! This week her blood count was borderline and they went ahead […]

Sometimes God just know what’s best!

This past weekend was absolutely beautiful, the weather is getting warmer, and summer will soon be here!   Spent Saturday with my sister and family grilling and lounging in the pool.  She was feeling energetic enough to make her macaroni salad. As you know my sister has been going back and forth about this last course […]

A season of change

Watching your baby sister go through chemo is painful, you feel helpless, and just hope you are doing everything you can to be supportive.  Last week was a good week my sister had some energy and was able to enjoy spending time with her family. Today was her 4th treatment of  Round one!  In two […]

Rough week

This past week was a rough one for my sister, cutting the dose of steroids resolved the heightened senses, however it also intensified the fatigue, nausea and pain. Keep my sister in your prayers, we ask that you pray for rest, energy and peace of mind.  She is having to make difficult decisions, and when […]

Fight like a girl!

3rd chemo down!  A couple of weeks ago I wrote 2 down and 10 to go, but my sister has decided to do Taxol weekly for 12 weeks.  The side effects will be less and no Neulasta!  So she has to endure 2 more Neulasta ingections and the side effects and then no more (hopefully). […]

Praising his name!

My sister had an ultrasound (US) today and after 2 chemo treatments the tumor has shrunk, her surgeon was surprised at how much it has shrunk after 2 treatments!  This is great news, it means the chemo is working to kill all the cancer cells. The genetic testing did confirm a positive BRACA2, and as […]

My hero

As you know when my sister was first diagnosed one of her doctors wanted  her to have genetic testing done.  The results positive or negative were not going to change the course of  treatment with the exception of surgery. Her BRCA2 came back positive, we are still waiting for the BRCA1 to become available, to […]