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It’s just hair

The 2nd cycle of chemo and neulasta were pretty taxing on my sister, the joint pain lasted longer, which only increased the fatigue.  It was also very emotional for her since she started losing her hair this week. If I could I would trade places with my sister so she would’t have to go through […]

2 down 10 to go!

2nd chemo down, and with the exception of the side effects from the steroids she did very well.  Her RN today was Mara and my sister said she was awesome!  All you RN’s out there it’s the little things we do for our patient’s that make a huge difference. We were not able to paint […]

Oncologist visit

My sister saw her oncologist today, he wanted to see how she was doing after chemo.  I have to say she looked good today, she said she felt like she did before the cancer diagnosis.  She is fatigued but has felt fatigued for over a year.  Lab work from yesterday looked good!  White blood cells […]

A quick note to start the week……

Another good day!  My sister went to church, we had Sunday family dinner then went to see The Shack. Sister I pray this week brings you more energy, peace and restful sleep!  I love you!   So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I […]

Today was a good day

Finally a good day!  My sister said she had no idea what to expect after chemo, she had heard all the horror stories and pictured herself kneeling over a commode vomiting.  The past few days she has been fatigued, and spent most days resting, the worst day was the day after the neulasta injection, immense […]

Day after………

My sister  was a little tired, but today was better than yesterday!  Spent most of the day resting,  she was nauseated but was able to get by with just one dose of anti nausea medication.  She enjoyed home-made chicken noodle soup, thank you Tonya Devine!! Neulasta auto injector kicked in about 4:30 this evening, so […]

Chemo day

1st day of chemo done!  Today was a very long day for my sister, but for now it’s behind her.   Prior to getting chemo she gets anti nausea medication and steroids, the steroids have made her very jittery and really heightened her senses today.  The chemo itself last about an hour and forty-five minutes, […]

You go girl!

Another trip to Tucson, today my sister did her part in helping future breast cancer patients! My sister is participating in a trial research which required another biopsy. The research is being conducted at Purdue University, they are using a form of light therapy that will detect how a specific tumor will respond to chemo […]


This blog is dedicated to my awesome sister Christina, and her courageous battle with cancer.  My sister is 45 years old, a beautiful wife to Sam who is a RN, wonderful mother to Maya and Sara, devoted daughter and the best sister anyone could be blessed with. Oh and I can’t forget Harley, my sister’s […]