Last surgery

Just a quick update.

The past couple of months have been a time of healing and renewed strength and longer hair lol.

My sister’s last surgery is scheduled for Monday October 30th, please keep her in prayer, she is having her ovaries and fallopian tubes removed laparoscopically.  This surgery should take about an hour and a half and she will be able to go home that afternoon.

It’s finally good to see my sister getting around and having more energy, please keep her in your prayers for continued strength and energy.


My sister has decided to move her surgery date up to October 18th, she wants to be ready for Thanksgiving!



Next surgery

Not quite 4 weeks post op from the bilateral mastectomy and we have scheduled her next surgery, my sister will have both ovaries and fallopian tubes removed on November 8th, this will give her at least 8 weeks to recover from the mastectomy.

She has been healing nicely, suture lines look good, she is still pretty sore and still not able to raise her arms over her head,  and having trouble finding a comfortable position at night.

We had a nice long talk with the surgeon Dr. Cassandra Liggins and because she has never had issues with her uterus and all her pap smears have been negative they do not recommend having it removed.  The rationale for this is the incidence of endometrial cancer is so slim and is easily diagnosed with annual exams.  The surgery will be done via  laparoscopy and again will be same day surgery.

Lord willing this will be the last surgery!  After this surgery all that is left is to heal, and this part of the journey will be over.

It was worth it

After receiving the great news from her surgeon my sister said as she was crying “the chemo was worth it” .

And even though she is still struggling with fatigue and would love to get back to a place where she had some energy the past 6 months were worth the AWESOME news.

She had the drains removed on Monday, however that night she was in a great deal of pain and ran a fever, she went back to surgeon on Tuesday and he removed a pocket of fluid that had accumulated, and she also had an infection from the drains, and is now on antibiotics.  Last night was much better.

I want to thank all my family and friends for providing meals for the family this past 2 weeks, you have no idea how much this has helped!

Because my sister is positive for BRCA2 mutations she needs to be proactive with her preventative screenings for skin, colon, ovarian/fallopian and pancreatic cancer, but don’t worry we will make sure she gets screened as often as they will allow.

Next leg of this journey is appointment with gynecologist on 8/29 to schedule a hysterectomy,  this needs to be done this year since her deductible for the year was taken care of by a grant through the American Cancer Foundation.

But for now it’s rest, HGTV, good food, slow leisurely walks outside, and naps with Harley!


Lymph nodes were negative!!  Lot’s of crying going on right here, Just wanted to update you all real quick, more later.

Surgery update

Surgery went very well!  Took exactly 3 hours, the surgeon removed one lymph node just to make sure they are free of cancer, he was pleased because the edges of all tissue removed were clean (no cancer) Thank you Lord!!  We should have biopsy confirmation next week.

Currently she is tucked in bed at a local resort, she has taken a few laps around the balcony, appetite is fair, no pain.  Her only discomfort are the drains which she will probably have for about 2 weeks.

They will stay in Tucson overnight and come home tomorrow.  Please keep her in your prayers.

Will keep you all updated!

Just because I can

It’s been a long road to get to this day, but here we are day of surgery.  My sister came up yesterday, she had radioactive fluid injected so the lymph nodes could be visualized, during surgery today they will biopsy the lymph nodes to make sure they are cancer free.  I f you have never researched the lymphatic system I can encourage you do so.

Surgery is scheduled for 8:00 and should take about 3 hours, so please say a little prayer., I will update you all later today.

Yesterday I stopped by to see my sister before they traveled to Tucson and she was telling me when she got the call that surgery was a go she started saying goodby to each breast, and my niece said to her “ you should flash your boobs along the highway” we had a good laugh!

A few hours later she sends me a text with a caption “just because I can” so I expected to see a picture of her boobies flapping in the wind, instead she send me this picture lol.  Yes we are truly wild women!

Actually this does remind me of a story, about 15 years ago we were sitting outside with my mom, grandmother and Sam’s mom, I don’t remember the actual conversation except that we were talking about breasts and all of a sudden each one of those women pulled out their boobs!  I will forever have a visual of that day.

I just want to say THANK YOU, we are so blessed to have all of you in our lives.  From words of encouragement and prayers, meals, taking turns driving my sister to her chemo appointments,

Sam and I work in the same clinic and we have both taken a great deal of time off sometimes on the same day to be with my sister and our co-workers have been nothing but encouraging and accommodating, I am so blessed to work with a great group of people who acknowledge that family always comes first.

It’s 0820 and my sister just went back into surgery, gave her a kiss and copped one last feel…….will keep you updated.

The Beach!

What an awesome vacation we have been having!  The condo sits right on the beach, we just open the front door and back door and the ocean breeze just fills the house.  we can hear the waves come crashing in all day long.  My sister claimed her spot on the couch and from there she can see where we set up on the beach and listen to the waves.

It has been 2 weeks with no chemo and even though she has periods of being tired she has kept up on this vacation.  Tomorrow we spend the day and night in the city (no sand) lol.

Imperial Beach was a new adventure for all of us, kind of a hipster/Bisbee vibe, with lots of local shops and outside eateries, no chain restaurants, nothing but skateboards and surf boards.


Quick update

First week of no chemo in 16 weeks and every day is a little bit better.  My sister still has episodes of extreme fatigue and pain, but given her blood count the fatigue is normal.

Surgery is still scheduled for August 4th, it will be performed at a Surgery Center in Tucson.  She will go to TMC first to have a dye injected so that the lymph nodes can be visualized and biopsies will be taken to make sure they are free of cancer.  The results of the biopsy will determine the need for radiation.

I have been told the next leg of my sisters journey will be more emotional, so your prayers, well wishes and words of comfort would be very appreciated, please feel free to post here or on her Facebook page.

But first the beach!!  We will take lots of pictures and post as we say farewell to the boobies.

Message from my sister

I did it! I finish 16 rounds of chemo!!!  Thank you Lord!!  The night before my last chemo I was so excited I had a hard time sleeping and I was up early.  I was like a little kid on Christmas Eve waiting for Christmas Day to come. I want to first thank the Lord for giving me the strength to get through  this journey.   I also couldn’t have done this without my husband and my sister.  After I was diagnosed they were immediately on the phone making appointments with the best doctors. They were there for me after I would get new details about my diagnosis and helped me process the whole situation.  The toughest part of this whole Journey has been going through  this without my mom by my side.  My mom always sends me special signs when I need it the most.  I know she is always with me but I miss her physically being here.  My dad and my girls have also been such an awesome support system my biggest cheerleaders .  On my worse days my dad would not leave my side.  We watched a lot of HGTV together and he never once complained.  I also want to thank everyone that has prayed for me and my family, all the love and support , meals, cards, the countless trips to Tucson, gift cards, texts, essential oils, flowers, water, care packages and calls.  I love you all so much, may the Lord bless each and everyone of you.  Please continue to pray for me, I still have a long way to go.  With the Lord by my side all things are possible!!  As my mom used to say, “All is Well.”  I can’t imagine taking this journey without my family and friends.  Thank you for holding me up during these difficult times.