Hip Hip Hooray!

I truly meant to post all of yesterday’s activities last night, however yesterday was such an emotional day for us that I just came home and collapsed.  I honestly don’t know if me or my sister was more excited about her last chemo.


I know she was secretly hoping that her WBC would be too low for chemo, but it was 2.9 and like it or not she had to have her last chemo.


Well, if you have to endure your last chemo, you may as well enjoy a warm Krispy Kreme donut.

It was awesome to see all the support in the waiting room, it was a sea of PINK!!  I think we overwhelmed the staff, good thing we brought enough warm Krispy Kreme donuts to share with staff and patients.


On to a celebratory lunch!


And of course a trip to Frost

The roughest part of this journey is behind her!  Next will be surgery on 8/4/17, but first a week at the beach!

Message from Sam

I would like to preface this letter to my wife with the fact that I am a master at expressing my feelings. I once even cried while watching the Notebook. If anyone reading this blog has excessive issues with empathy, please stop reading now, or risk having thy heart torn into a million tiny pieces.

To my lovely Christina, 

   Its seems to me that I may happen to be the luckiest schmuck alive. It all started on Dec 09, 1989. Our first date, and the night of our first kiss. I was a clueless and cocky young rooster with very little sense. I was completely out of my league. Yet somehow despite my inadequacies, I was able to arouse your interest.  I didn’t know much, but I knew that this lovely young lady in front of me was everything a man/boy could every want. I could tell by your gentle nature and purity, you were something special.

  We stayed up all night talking, laughing and kissing (chaperoned of course, by your friend Lorraine). That night I made one of the wisest decisions I’ve ever made. I promised you that I would marry you some day, and by the grace of God, and unfortunately for you, this vow came true.

   I never could have imagined the joy and happiness that awaited me with that simple decision. I didn’t realize how selfless and loving another human being could be.  God molded you in his image, and filled you with a strength that can only be found when one sacrifices themselves for another. I’ve watched you love and sacrifice yourself daily for your family, and I’m humbled by the depth of your love. 

  Despite God’s countless blessings in our lives, the last two years have been some of the hardest we’ve had to endure. Once again, I witnessed a strength that wasn’t humanly possible. You are an amazing wife, mother, daughter, and sister. It’s a privilege and an honor to be called your husband. With gods help, faith, and the countless prayers by our family and friends, we will prevail.

                                                    I love you, 






My Beautiful Sister!

Hoping everyone had a wonderful and blessed 4th of July! we spent it with family and friends, food, swimming, games and just enjoying everyone’s company.

Because of the 4th of July holiday my sister got an extra day off!  Except that her WBC was 2.2, pretty low so the carboplatin was lowered.   Her oncologist is not sure if her WBC will be high enough for chemo next week.  She is not sure whether to be excited that today was possibly her last chemo or be worried that she is not finishing her treatment.  The plan is still to go next week and see what her WBC is.  If it’s high enough she will receive her final chemo and get to ring those BELLS!!!!!  If it’s too low, no chemo and she will still ring those BELLS!!!!!  Don’t worry we will will video that event.

Below is a picture of my sister with Dr. Schwartz her oncologist, he won’t be there next week so he got his picture taken today.  My sister has an appointment with her surgeon tomorrow, and since we don’t know whether or not chemo is a go for next week we are wondering if that will change the surgery date.  Currently she is scheduled to have surgery on 8/4, which is 3 weeks after her last scheduled chemo.

So we will just pray for God’s will next week!

Message from Sara

Mom I know these last six months have been pretty tough. But you’ve been such a inspiration to others including me! You’ve been so strong though this journey that every little bump in the road from now on will be no problem! I truly admire you because you’re the most loving and caring person I know! I’ve seen you grow so much and you are my role model! Cancer has nothing on my mama!

Message from Maya

hey mom!  I know that things are pretty tough right now, but you’ve only got three more to go! Three! That’s practically nothing! That’s practically half a hand of fingers! You are so incredibly strong, and if you didn’t think so before YOU REALLY MUST BELIEVE THAT NOW! You are the strongest woman I know! I aspire to be even half as strong as you! Now only are you dealing with chemo, but you’re still doing a good amount of the things you did before you were even sick! It’s unbelievable! Honestly you are my hero, I could never keep my spirits high all the time like you do! But that’s what is needed, you need to stay optimistic and laugh at this ALMOST GONE cancer in it’s face and kick it’s dumb butt! I love you so much and I appreciate every thing you do so much! KEEP KILLIN IT YOU’RE DOING GREAT! and honestly you’re so beautiful  ain’t nobody gonna notice you don’t have any boobs for a while they’ll be too busy looking at your face per usual (:


This past week was incredibly difficult for my sister, she sent me a text on Friday that simply said “no more chemo, I’m done”.   I thought her oncologist had changed the game plan, no she decided she was tired of being exhausted, and dealing with the side effects of the chemo.   So, I have decided to dedicate the next three blogs to remind her who she is fighting for.

Three, two, one and she is done!

Blood count was a bit higher this week, her appointment was early which was good because the AC was out in the clinic.  Usually it feels like a freezer inside, they had to close the clinic early because it was too hot to mix the chemo, but she was able to finish.

I don’t know who is more excited about 3 more chemo treatments me or my sister, I am so happy for her, she has been through so much and she  keeps going!

She will have 24 days between her last chemo and surgery, so we plan to take her on a much needed and deserved beach vacation.  I keep telling her we are taking her boobies on a farewell tour lol!  God has big plans for my sister, and this journey is just the beginning.

Please continue to keep her in your prayers, Thursday’s after chemo are her worst days and she needs a boost of encouragement and extra prayers.

Faith over Fear

Blood count was good today!!  Four to go, now I dare her to eat all that food in front of her lol.

Thank you Carol Reynolds for being her chauffeur today, we are so BLESSED to have such wonderful family and friends!


We are counting down now!  My sister’s blood count was low today so her chemo was decreased by another 10%.  But most important she can count her number of chemo treatments left on ONE HAND!!

Halfway mark

Down to the last 6 weeks!  Last week after my sisters injection of Nupogen she had a reaction, the left side of her body went numb, tongue felt thick and she developed swelling to her face., she received injection to right arm.  On Friday she told the nurse and her oncologist and they did not think that the symptoms were because of the Nupogen.  Just to be sure after her injection we waited for half hour, we got down to the lobby and she suddenly felt very sick, left side of body (side of injection) was going numb from her face and down her legs, she said her left arm felt tight, she had trouble swallowing and again felt her tongue was thick.  I quickly put her in a wheelchair and back up to the clinic we went, she was given a dose of steroids and IV Benadryl and after an hour felt somewhat better.

I talked to her oncologist and he said he was going to have to cut back on her chemo drugs so that her WBC would not be affected, he said it was against his better judgement but he truly believes that she is in remission, and he does not want to take any more chances of a reaction to the Nupogen.

Her oncologist decided to cut back on her chemo by 25%, same treatment schedule.


Another week down

My sister has completed week 5! WBC really low 2.5 so it’s back to Tucson on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday for  neupogen injections.

Last week at her visit with the surgeon he did an ultrasound and found no tumor!!!  So the chemo has definitely done it’s job, we are also reminded that cancer cells  are so microscopic they are not always visible even with a microscope.

But GOD is in control!! And we will continue to praise him and give him the honor and glory!

Her surgery is scheduled for Aug 4th, they will biopsy the tissue and if all negative she may not have to go through radiation, so we are praying for clean tissue.

Thank you Toni for being my sister’s chauffeur!